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Accessing the recycling centre

Payment for using recycling centres

Your business must pay to bring waste to a recycling centre. You can register your business here. You can choose either an annual pass or a one-off pass to get access to the recycling centre.


Annual pass

If your business uses the recycling centres often, you can buy an annual pass. You need to buy an annual pass for each vehicle bringing waste to the recycling centres. With an annual pass, you can access all 24 recycling centres in Vestforbrænding’s municipalities all year round.


One-off pass

If your business only uses the recycling centres occasionally, you can buy a one-off pass. When registering your business, you specify which mobile numbers can be used to purchase a one-off pass by SMS. You must register your credit card details too. Payment will not be taken from your phone bill but from your credit card. When payment is approved, you will receive a receipt by SMS. You must start your visit within an hour. Before you can bring waste to a recycling centre, simply send an SMS to 1919 containing the letters GS, the ID number for the specific recycling centre you are going to and a code for the type of vehicle you are driving. Below are the relevant codes for both recycling centres and types of vehicles.


ID-numbers for the 24 recycling centres

  • Albertslund - 100
  • Ballerup - 101
  • Brøndby -102
  • Stenløse - 103
  • Ølstykke - 104
  • Smørum - 105
  • Farum - 106
  • Værløse - 107
  • Frederikssund - 108
  • Skibby - 109
  • Jægerspris - 110
  • Gentofte - 111
  • Gladsaxe - 112
  • Glostrup - 113
  • Højelt - 114
  • Skærød - 115
  • Hundested - 116
  • Frederiksværk - 117
  • Herlev - 118
  • Hillerød - 119
  • Høje-Taastrup - 120
  • Ishøj - 121
  • Lyngby-Taarbæk - 122
  • Rødovre - 123


Vehicle codes

  • Car - 1
  • Van - 2
  • Flat-bed truck - 3

An example

’109’ is the ID number of Skibby and ’2’ is the number for a van. You can find your ID number and vehicle code above.

Mobile phone with text example







What if you're not registered

Your business has to be registered to use this service. If you forgot to register, you can still buy a one-off pass by calling 70 80 81 99. You will be guided through the payment process, but you will be required to your supply credit card details. Once payment has been authorised, you will receive a receipt by SMS. You must start your visit within an hour.


Hazardous waste

You can dispose up to 5 kg of hazardous waste. Thereafter you pay a fee for each additional 10 kg.



A team of inspectors will visit the recycling centres regularly. If an inspector contacts you, you must be able to show proof of payment. Non-payment will be reported to the police. The job of the on-site staff at the recycling centres is to offer assistance and guidance. Not inspections



Visit www.tilmelding-genbrugsstationer.dk for more information or contact Vestforbrænding’s customerservice on tel. 70 22 40 10.