Robots revolutionize waste-to-energy processes

More than 25,000 tonnes of bulk waste is delivered for incineration every year and the waste is utilised for the production of energy at Denmark’s largest waste management company, Vestforbrænding. Very soon, robots will be revolutionize this process. 

Vestforbrænding will build an sorting facility in Frederikssund to sort reusable materials. And part of this sorting will be performed by robots. According to research at Vestforbrænding, almost half of the waste consists of reusable materials, that robot technology with software and sensors can sort materials spot on. 

The plan is that a robot-sorting-operation will be up and running by the 2019. The new robot-driven process will be the first of its kind in the world and will ensure that more types of waste materials are recycled and sent back into the resource-circuit. 

The pilot project was selected by the Ministry of Environment in 2017 as a lighthouse project for future environmental solutions and granted up to EUR 1.7 million in funding. The goal is that the use of new technology will provide lessons learned beneficial for the industry as a whole, and as a result Denmark in general.